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It's Alive!

Well, after 10 long years of thinking about getting this idea out of our heads and into the world, we put the bong down and now it is finally done! The store is officially open and now we await those brave first adopters to login and get their Pervertees on. We are super proud...

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Welcome to the machine!

Introducing Pervertees! A new way to celebrate how you feel and what you think, deep in the recesses of who you are. This is a way for you to fly your freak flag in public spaces, using dirty hieroglyphics to get your message to the masses. When these images are decoded, the statement they make, will either offend or endear. After all, at Pervertees, we believe that perversion is in the eye of the beholder.

These shirts will be hand screened to order, with loving and perverted care, on a quality soft spun shirt.