It's Alive!

Well, after 10 long years of thinking about getting this idea out of our heads and into the world, we put the bong down and now it is finally done! The store is officially open and now we await those brave first adopters to login and get their Pervertees on.

We are super proud of this brand and the fun people can have with it. From what've seen, this is a whole new way to communicate ideas to the world. One person even observed that these shirts translate in every language! Something we never set out to do but think it's a pretty fucking cool accident. Multi-lingual shirts. We guess you could say cunningly lingual, as well. Who would have thought?

So please feel free to browse the store and check out our offerings. Your feedback is extremely important to us. If there is something on there you don't see that you think should be there, email us at and we'll see if we think it Pervertees worthy.

Until next time, perv on!

Merv the Perv